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Structural Relief Therapy or SRT

SRT is a melding of Positional Release Therapy, Strain&Counterstrain, Muscle Energy, and Myofascial Release into a fast and efficient protocol. It is  gentle on the client and is effective for complex and chronic medical conditions including fibromyalgia, thoracic outlet and carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic whiplash, low back pain, and the "knife in the back" pain.

This advanced tool reprograms jammed neurological signals to and from the brain to stop involuntary muscle contraction, instantly change posture, improve joint function, restore range-of-motion, and dramatically decrease pain in the FIRST treatment. Clients often remark, "It's like magic, my pain is gone!"

SRT is usually incorporated into a Therapeutic/Sports massage but may be scheduled as a stand-alone therapy also, depending on client need.

To learn more or find a practitioner closer to your current location, follow this link:  www.StructuralReliefTherapy.com

To gain the benefits of SRT integrated into your next massage, call Brenda for an appointment today!


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